Thermal Break Aluminum Profile

Thermal Break Aluminum Profile
Product Details

Product description:

Thermal fracture aluminum is based on the old aluminum windows in order to improve the insulation properties of windows and doors launched an improved version. The principle of hot aluminum is the use of PA66 nylon indoor and outdoor two layers of aluminum are separated and closely connected as a whole to form a new type of thermal insulation aluminum.

Performance Editor:

1, good thermal insulation: broken bridge aluminum profile PA66 nylon thermal conductivity is low

2, good sound insulation: its structure has been carefully designed, the joints tight, test results, noise 30 db, in line with the relevant

3, impact resistance: As the outer surface of broken bridge aluminum is aluminum alloy, so it is better than the impact of plastic window profiles

4, good air tightness: Broken bridge aluminum window at each slit are installed multi-channel sealing tape, air tightness,

5, good water tightness: doors and windows designed with rainwater structure, the rain completely isolated from the outdoors,

6, good fire resistance: aluminum alloy for the metal material, do not burn.

7, anti-theft is good: broken bridge aluminum windows, equipped with excellent hardware accessories and advanced decorative locks, so that thieves helpless

8, maintenance-free: Broken bridge aluminum window profiles are not susceptible to acid erosion, will not turn yellow fade, almost no maintenance.