Shandong Heshun Aluminum Investment Conference In Spring 2019 Was Successfully Held

Heshun aluminum 2019 dealer wealth summit and investment attraction The conference was successfully held in xingtan hotel, qufuming tower, shandong province. Excellent dealers from all over the country will attend this grand meeting to share the common prosperity with heshun aluminum and create a brilliant 2019!


Distance can not stop the pace of progress, time can not stay the figure of struggle, after the Lantern Festival, heshun aluminum industry has everything ready, the factory, the exhibition hall take on a new look, only to the arrival of excellent dealer friends.


Tonight good banquet, joy difficult to have Chen, together with concerted efforts to create the future. On the evening of the 20th, heshun aluminum prepared a sumptuous welcome dinner to welcome the family members and enjoy wine and food together.