Respect The Elderly And Help The Poor - Heshun Aluminum Charity In Action


Spring Festival is coming, shandong heshun aluminum (group) co., LTD. Public welfare activities and intensive development. On January 29th, general manager zhang xiangbao, on behalf of the company, participated in the "sending warmth and offering love" activity organized by lingcheng government, and sent rice, flour, oil and other festival supplies to the local village elders over 80 years old, and wished all the elders good health and long life!

Shandong heshun aluminum co., ltd. has taken public welfare undertakings as an obligatory social responsibility since its establishment. In daily management, the company's general manager, zhang xiangbao, integrates the concept of social welfare into the corporate culture. To charity concept into the blood of the enterprise, make public welfare concept is an important part of enterprise culture, not only to better fulfill the social responsibility, open the "gate" for the good social public welfare undertakings, and also can establish a good corporate image, to repay society through social public welfare undertakings of the positive energy is converted into the deep resource and the core competitiveness of the enterprise, promote enterprise's sustainable development"