Heshun Aluminum Shine Shanghai Exhibition, Honor Return, Did Not Forget The Beginning, Innovation And Progress.

November 10, representing the world's curtain wall windows and doors in the field of professional and technical top event - China International Exhibition Center curtain wall and curtain wall ended successfully. Heshun Aluminum carries out the stunning debut of system windows and doors, sunshine room and aluminum household products, fully demonstrating the brand's latest achievements in innovation, science and technology and green environmental protection, sketching out a picture of life in a safe and comfortable, energy-saving and environment-friendly way.



During the four-day exhibition, Heshun Aluminum's booth at Hall N5 was in full swing no matter when it was held. The reception staff, with professional explanations and elegant conversation, successively hosted counterparts from the global window and door manufacturing enterprises, Is looking for the project's distribution agents, as well as international traders, real estate, architects, construction contractors, etc., the audience in the booth, not to see the cold windows and doors home products, but one piece to make life more elegant , Comfortable artwork, a brand new safe energy-saving life, no doubt this makes Heshun doors and windows become the dazzling star of this fair, from professional audiences reap rave reviews. The exhibition reached a cooperation intention of 156 customers, including 65 intention to join the customers, architectural aluminum cooperation intention of 78 customers, home aluminum cooperation intention of 11 customers, other customers intentions 2.





A rising star all-aluminum home become the audience star

   Hwasun doors and windows of the latest research and development of aluminum products, the first show has become the audience of the star products, cabinets, wardrobes, sanitary ware, desks and other exhibits before the flow of people such as weaving. Visitors to the exhibition have been attracted by the selling points of their environmental protection, fire prevention, moisture resistance and anti-moth-eatering over traditional wooden furniture, confirming the company leaders' judgment on the market potential of all-aluminum home products. The next step the company will continue to strengthen research and development of new aluminum home series, and with its highlights, continue to promote the direct sales stores and franchise stores.




Looking to the future, to explore more than

If the show is a race, then the recognition of the professional audience is an honor, to encourage and spur Heshun in the system of windows and doors on the road to continue moving forward. But for a mature business, all the honor belongs to the past, even if it happened in the previous second.

  The development speed of Heshun Door and Window brand has become a legend of the industry. However, the development of the Chinese system of window and door industry is still in its infancy, and it is still far away from the top echelon of the world. It means there are still a large number of consumers who have not used safe and energy-saving system windows and doors, Heshun Doors and Windows will not forget the beginning, to explore more than for the Chinese market to create more high-quality security energy-saving windows and doors products, so that more and more consumers enjoy the safe doors and windows bring a comfortable life for the Chinese system more windows and doors industry Breakthrough evolution.








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