Heshun Aluminum Dealers Visit The Group Inspection And Company Headquarters

On February 21, heshun aluminum dealers visited and inspected the aluminum doors and Windows yanzhou zhiying store, heshun aluminum Windows and doors glass processing base and the headquarters factory.

Different from traditional solid wood furniture,heshun aluminum household products to aluminum profiles for materials. Not only high temperature resistant, waterproof, fireproof, crack - proof and insect -proof, And "zero formaldehyde" more in line with the current people's pursuit of environmental health, in the booming era of everyone living, the emergence of aluminum home, brought another wealth blue sea.



    Dealer visit group inspection and shun aluminum doors and Windows yanzhou zhiying store


     Dealer visit group inspection and shun engineering doors and Windows processing base


In the afternoon of 21st, dealers gather together in qilu land—he holy land of Confucius , Excellent culture can make people's lives immortal, and their hearts can be washed. Together with the excellent dealers of shunal, they will visit places of historic interest, admire the elegance of the sages, and appreciate the cultural light of Chinese civilization shining in the annals of history.