Heshun All-aluminum Home Furnishing Won The Third Place In 2018 China All-aluminum Home Furnishing Influence Brand

On March 4, 2019, in order to "gather the potential fu can" as the theme of the 2019 Chinese BBS, all aluminum industry development in guangzhou the 25th aluminum Windows and doors curtain wall new product exposition was held in the BBS to "better driving whole aluminum furniture industry development" for the purpose, closely around the current hot topic, all aluminum household industry industry for the future development trend are discussed.


Zhang xiangbao, general manager of shandong hesun aluminum (group) co., LTD., was invited to attend the conference on behalf of "hesun all-aluminum home furnishing", delivered the keynote speech of "make home furnishing more healthy", and received the third prize of "China's influential brand of all-aluminum home furnishing in 2018"



Heshun all aluminum household products, shandong heshun aluminum group based on its own aluminum profile r & d and production advantages, combined with the concept of health and environmental protection, r & d and production of the latest home products. Since put on the market, with "zero formaldehyde, waterproof fire prevention insect control, beautiful easy to assemble, store value easy to recycle" and other advantages won the favor of terminal consumers, quickly set off a "aluminum instead of wood" home furnishing products new trend. In the company's spring 2019 business fair that ended recently, merchants from all over the country were deeply attracted by the company's strong enterprise r&d and production strength and generous joining policies, and successively signed dozens of new franchisees from shandong, hebei, jiangsu, jilin, anhui and other regions.


Shandong heshun aluminum will take this award as the power, toward the direction of intelligent aluminum home, continue to increase product research and development investment, to support heshun aluminum home products from all walks of life friends, dedication more perfect products.