Congratulations To The Successful Commissioning Of The Second Phase Of The Aluminum Product Processing Project Of Heshun Aluminum

      On July 26, the trial production of the new 1450T aluminum extrusion production line in the Wangzhuang plant of Heshun Aluminum was successful, marking the successful completion and commissioning of the company's "Phase II aluminum product processing" construction project.图片1_wps图片

  图片2_wps图片 Since 2019, with the continuous increase in the company's high-precision industrial aluminum profile market demand, the company's original production capacity has been stretched, the delivery cycle is getting longer, and there is still huge room for growth in the demand for industrial aluminum in the later period. In order to better meet market demand and improve corporate development performance, the company decided to launch the "Phase II of Aluminum Products Processing" project with a total investment of 10 million yuan, a construction area of 5,000 square meters, and two new aluminum extrusion production lines, fully automatic 1 electrostatic spraying line and 2 vacuum wood grain transfer lines. After the project is completed, it will increase the annual production capacity by 5,000 tons, increase profits and taxes by 3 million yuan, and create 80 jobs.  图片3_wps图片图片4_wps图片图片5_wps图片 

  During the construction of the project, all employees of Heshun Aluminum have united to overcome the new crown epidemic, rising raw materials and other unfavorable factors, and carry forward the enterprise spirit of "creating a win-win situation, sharing responsibility and progress", and moving forward quickly, and the construction cycle is designed Half a year, compressed to more than three months, laid a solid foundation for the smooth completion of the company's "Three Five-Year Plan".图片6_wps图片

  After the completion of this project, Shandong Heshun Aluminum will increase its annual aluminum production capacity to 35,000 tons, greatly shorten the company's product delivery cycle, increase the company's liquidity utilization rate, and play a huge role in the company's operating performance.