Cleaning Of Oxidized Aluminum Window Frames

Cleaning of oxidized aluminum window frames

For external cleaning you can use the same cleaners as for treatment of interior fame parts.

First, wipe the window frame with a dry cloth to get rid of dust.

  1. Then, the openings at the bottom of the frame are cleared from dirt.

  2. Wash the frame: powder coated aluminum window frames are easy to clean, and you can use any means in combination with a soft cloth. If you have not cleaned long, use a sponge.

  3. Now handle glass. Take a window cleaner, spray and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. If you are using other means, then, read the label and follow the instructions.

    In the absence of special detergents, take two small buckets of water. The first one is to contain clean water. Add the washing powder or any other cleaning agent to the second one. Wash the glass with soapy water, then rinse it with clean water and wipe in a circular motion.

  4. If you use a squeegee, do vertical movements from top to bottom.

  5. Remove excess water with a dry cloth – this will help you polish the aluminum surface.

  6. Whatever means you choose to clean the windows, they should be wiped dry. Do not leave the windows and frames dry themselves: the streaks are likely to remain.

Modern quality double-glazed windows are completely tight, so you don’t have to clean them from the inside. Specific contaminations (grease, paint) are removed by special detergents suitable for aluminum window frames. Having equipped yourself with modern detergents, washing supplies and useful tips on how to clean aluminium window frames, you will maintain them easily.