Aluminum Plate Selection Guide

Aluminum plate has many specifications, including plate panel width, thickness, fold height and so on. Selected Shi should according to home bathroom of features select, aluminum profile buckle Board is divided into surface has punching and plane two species, surface punching can ventilation sucking sound, buckle Board internal Pu a layer film padded, moisture can through punching was film absorption, so it most for water more of kitchen Wei using, market Shang 600mmx600mm micro-hole party Board, and C150, and C100 article Board and 300x300, and 300x600 aluminum buckle Board application have up most wide.

Aluminum profile buckle Board of bad not full is thick, key is aluminum material of texture, General Engineering with aluminum buckle Board has 0.8 mm of, even more thick of, because aluminum material itself of quality problem, manufacturers wants to put aluminum profile buckle Board do have is thin instead impossible, because aluminum profile bad, Board no approach is uniform of pulled thin, so, manufacturers only to thick in do, so, identification aluminum buckle Board, except to note surface of finish outside, also to observation Board thick whether uniform, with hand pinch about Board feel about, elastic and toughness whether good.

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