Aluminum Hardness Is Too Low To Prevent

  1. The setting and control of temperature of aluminium: typically, temperature temperature tdisplay the table has some errors, when the temperature is set to be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace, and pay close attention to temperature fluctuations.

  2. The limitation of aluminium insulation: strict limitations according to technological requirements, the holding time should be appropriate to prevent defaulting aging or aging caused by not enough hardness, blank cartridge boxes, furnaces.

  3. Aluminium extrusion frame not too close, and interval between, aluminium profile especially small, unventilated, thick intervals are more is bigger, tubes and small sheet material, packed in a box, the air tube put down this aging cycle.

  4. Aluminum 6xxx before charging other special alloys prescription charge separate from the ordinary 6063 alloy, due to the production does with the furnace when aging to take the process of with special alloys for aging.