Aluminum Furniture

Furniture industry to upgrade the new concept of environmental protection

After winter, people are paying more and more attention to the weather, the environment and haze, and the environmental inspectors all over the country are also in full swing.

Following the start of Guangdong's first batch of environmental protection inspectors in early 2017 in early September and stationed in Shantou and Jieyang, in November, the third and fourth environmental inspectors stationed in Yunfu City and Zhaoqing City started a 20-day environmental inspector activity. Since November 6, Sichuan Province has also started a three-month intensive site supervisory activity, which is the largest operation ever carried out by Sichuan's Ministry of Environmental Protection. In addition, Hebei Province launched the third round of law enforcement inspection special action, Jilin Province to carry out "Hundred Days tough storm" atmosphere control operations, Jiangsu Province, set up a cross-checking team to investigate the enterprise. In this series of remediation activities, the home industry is not affected.

Zhang Bingbing, secretary general of China Furniture Association, said that green development has become an inevitable choice for the restructuring, transformation and upgrading of home enterprises and the realization of sustainable development. At present, the furniture industry is in the urgent stage of transformation and upgrading, rising timber costs, more stringent environmental standards are forcing furniture companies in raw materials to seek new breakthroughs.

From the current market changes, aluminum furniture, paper furniture is becoming more and more favored. Aluminum furniture is mainly aluminum profiles and plates as the main material itself can be combined with plastic, glass, leather and other materials. Compared with the existing plate wood furniture and solid wood furniture in the existing market, the aluminum furniture material is more environmentally friendly, and the consumers are most concerned about the zero formaldehyde content and waterproof and flame retardant properties. In addition, the existing technology can already be done on the aluminum furniture, decorative surface treatment to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers. In the existing market, mostly aluminum furniture kitchen supplies, windows and doors.

According to statistics, at present, there are more than 200 aluminum profile processing enterprises nationwide actively entering the production service field of aluminum furniture. However, only a small part of them really focused on the production of aluminum furniture. Small scale, low market share, lack of competitiveness makes these enterprises unsustainable, the production of mostly single common products.

As a new furniture material, green has always been the competitiveness of aluminum furniture. Industry experts suggest that companies want to develop the first should be to strengthen product innovation, the pursuit of diversification and personalization. Second, we should find a suitable entry point between the traditional plate furniture and solid wood furniture. With the improvement of aluminum technology, aluminum furniture will have a place in the market.

In addition, as early as a dozen years ago, foreign furniture designers have been trying to make furniture with paper products the possibility of.

It is understood that the current market of paper-based furniture using corrugated paper, surface mostly kraft paper, paper products, the best choice of materials can increase the load-bearing capacity of paper furniture, through the internal structural design can also achieve greater load-bearing. In the waterproof level, the current technology can be waterproof for more than 5 minutes; in the fire level, according to report, the existing paper furniture basically will not be ignited by the fire such as cigarette butts.

Paper taken from wood, compared to traditional furniture, the materials used only 20% to 30%. In addition, the paper can be recycled, are recycled materials, more environmentally friendly. After an investigation is not difficult to find that most of the existing paper furniture can be folded, more convenient to use, space occupancy rate is lower.