A Sneak Peek At The Top Window Trends For 2017

The home continues to be revolutionized thanks to the rise of “green” building, the Internet of Things and new tastes for interior design. One might have already heard of many of these breakthroughs, including various recyclable wall panels, smart doors and lighting, and energy-generating flooring. Other parts of the home are following suit, such as windows, which also reflect these trends.

Influenced by the latest home trends, here are the top window types and styles that could be popular when 2017 kicks in, according to Builder Online:

Seamless windows – More homeowners are said to prefer now connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, therefore, glass windows that fold and slide, and those that have thin frames and edges are desirable.

Automatic/sensor-equipped windows – Given that sliding and folding windows will be in-demand, adding automatic window mechanisms, locking systems and sensors further increase appeal of these products. There are already technologies that help windows connect to the cloud or other smart home devices, and detect temperature, wind, light and rain.

Contemporary-style windows – A market research report cited by Builder found that besides seamless looks and thin window frames, warm dark hues and minimalistic profiles could be more prevalent. Indeed, just recently in fall, black and cozy colors were the trends for home fixtures. It is likely that some homeowners would want their windows blend with their dark appliances and fixtures.