Your Window Replacement Guide

If you have decided to replace your windows this year then there are a number of decisions

you need to make before going ahead.

Planning permission

Check whether you require any specific planning permission before you proceed.If your property is listed or in a conservation 

area you may be restricted in what work can be carried out and planning permission may be required.

Choosing the right material

Plastic windows are often the cheapest option in the short term and require little maintenance but they can reduce the value 

of period homes and cannot be repaired easily, often requiring replacement.Listed properties and homes in some conservation 

areas are not allowed to install plastic windows.

Metal windows are also low maintenance and popular in contemporary style homes but are not as thermally efficient as wooden 

windows and more expensive than plastic ones.

Timber windows often suit period homes and can be repaired and maintained without having to be replaced, which will save money 

over a period of time. But in the short term they are more expensive than plastic windows.

With timber windows, you have to decide on a wood that is ideally stable and durable.


The style of glass you decide on depends on where the window is going to be located.

For bathrooms (where privacy is a concern) consider a patterned glass. For a featured window, you may wish to have sections of

stained or coloured glass to help create a dramatic effect within the room.

Double or single glazing is also an option so make sure it is allowed if you live in a listed property or conservation area. 


The most common windows are sash windows, which slide up and down, and casement windows, which open outwards.However, 

there are also various different types of sash and casement windows, including fixed windows and bay windows.

The number of glazing panes can also vary between different windows, depending on the period of the property.If you are looking 

to install sash windows, you will also need to consider whether you would like horns on the windows.  

Sash window horns are the short protrusions at the bottom or top of the sashes and were initially included with some sash windows

to make the joints stronger.

Choosing the right company

Ensure the company you choose understand your requirements and can design a window to meet your needs. Replacement windows 

can be an expensive purchase, so it is important to get it right first time.

Check the quality of their work.  Ask to see examples of work they have carried out previously and, if possible, arrange a tou

of their workshop to see the windows being manufactured.