How to remove a processor fused to a heatsink

When removing processors, you may occasionally find that it has become fused or stuck to the heat sink (that is, the processor pulls out of the socket while the socket's lever is locked). Reasonable force may not be enough to remove it and, at this point, it is difficult to remove without causing damage to the processor.

1.Refrain from prying the processor off or using any metal objects on it. 

The processor should easily come off the heat sink. Using a razor blade or prying tool, or placing force on it, may damage the processor. 

2.Twist the processor gently. 

Be careful and try not to bend the pins. Do not apply too much force.

3.Soak the processor and heat sink in isopropyl alcohol (at least 91%) for five minutes. 

This option will not damage the processor. 

4.Use a long string of dental floss. 

Gently floss the area between the processor and the heat sink, starting at any corner where the floss is able to penetrate.

If the floss is flat, hold it flat against the heatsink and slowly work it down between the CPU and heatsink. Having the heatsink facing you will give you the best leverage.

5.Work the floss down. As you go along the processor, go back and forth while gently applying force in the direction away from the corner where you started. It may be difficult at times, but it will go through.