Aluminum selections

Purchase and use of aluminum alloy architectural profiles products should note the following points:

1. view product certificate, note date of production, specifications, technical specifications, business name and license number.

2. carefully check the surface condition of the product, product should be bright, glossy, surfaces cannot have obvious defects such as scratch scratch, bubbles.

3. must pay attention to the thickness of the product, product thickness of doors and Windows shall be not less than 1.0mm.

4. attention to the product surface the thickness of the coating, Anodic oxidation film thickness of not less than 10 μ m, electrophoretic coating thickness is not less than 17 μ m, powder spray coating thickness does not exceed 40-120 μ m range, fluorocarbon coating products should be more than two painting, cannot be less than 30 μ m.

5. coastal areas better corrosion resistance is a good choice for all the users of electrophoresis coating profiles or fluorine-carbon spray coating, powder coating profiles extrusion products.

6. routine maintenance do not use brushes and other hard objects as a cleaning tool, select soft cotton yarn and cotton cloth.

7. cleaning water, dish detergent and SOAP, but not with other organic materials.